GREENWOOD - VENICE it-it <![CDATA[Playing with light and shadow: Woodn Industries brise soleil]]> p
WOODN UPDATES 7/2016 - Playing with light and shadow: Woodn Industries brise soleil

In this newsletter we want to focus on an architectural element which - born as a construction complement - has now recently become a fundamental pillar of the new housing concept, thanks to the creativity of architects and the beauty, variety, versatility, durability of Woodn Industries products: the brise soleil.

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<![CDATA[Summer 2016: Poolside elegance with Woodn and Greenwood]]> p
WOODN UPDATES 6/2016 - Summer 2016: Poolside elegance with Woodn and Greenwood

August is a month dedicated to relaxation. Therefore, far from hot and crowded beaches, there's nothing better than enjoying the pleasure of a dec chair and a cold drink on the poolsides signed Woodn and Greenwood.

Let's tiptoe in and take a look at some prestigious locations where Woodn Industries has recently left its mark on the wellness spaces by the poolside.

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[Every now and then we send to our contacts Woodn Updates, a newsletter update with all the latest news from the world of the Woodn Industries group (Woodn & Greenwood).

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<![CDATA[Greenwood Decking at Fuorisalone 2016 for the unveiling of Dream&Charme Crystal Suite]]> p

Since April 12, the start date of Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone, a prestigious sample of Greenwood is exposed in the most illustrious street of the fashionable and creative side of Milan: in via Montenapoleone 20, inside the Dream & Charme atelier, a perfect square of Greenwood is being admired, touched, walked on by a multitude of guests intrigued and fascinated by the beauty potential that this wood composite - made by Woodn Industries - can express today in its most sophisticated form.

At the center of the atelier’s main room, a square platform of Greenwood – Ebony colour, Loft finishing - provides a concrete example of the elegance and attention to detail with which the whole Crystal Suite project was developed by a famous Milanese architect.

The platform, made of the same material of the Crystal Suite’s outdoor decking, well represents the new impetus that Woodn Industries has given the most famous Italian brand of composite wood, with the creation of new finishes and colours that magnify the elegance and the natural appeal appreciated by the large group of visitors.

The Greenwood Deck platform is on display from April 12 until the end of Fuorisalone, in via Montenapoleone 20 on the second floor of the Dream&Charme atelier, open from 10 am to 7 pm, along with a comprehensive collection of pictures from the Crystal Suite (which is located in Monferrato, Piemonte).

More info at this link.

<![CDATA[Crystal Suite Dream & Charme: a dream of green architecture with Greenwood by Woodn Industries]]> p

How to transform an ancient orangery atop a hill in the green heart of Monferrato (Northern Italy) in a dream of green architecture for demanding people who - like French painter Henri Matisse - seek “luxury, calm and voluptuousness”?

The Dream&Charme Crystal Suite is the first Italian glass house inspired by the same green architectural masterpiece created by architect Philip Johnson in the USA. A structure made of glass and steel, designed and built according to the principles of ecological and social sustainability in a way that minimizes the impact on the territory and involves the local community in any tourist-related activities. Such a project couldn’t miss the contribution of Woodn Industries, which provided about 60 square meters of Greenwood Deck (Ebony colour, Loft finishing) for the decking of the outdoor solarium. Our partners Legno & Sole installed the profiles perpendicularly to the orientation of the suite on three sides of the building, to pave the terrace in front of the large bedroom and the two walkways that run along the sides of the orangery. Greenwood Deck provides the Suite with a natural carpet which is also resistant to weather agents, for guests seeking sun, relaxation and outdoor fitness.

The Crystal Suite is located at a 50-minute drive from downtown Milan: in just over 70 square meters covered and a big garden you’ll find a concentration of nature, sustainable technology and design.

The Crystal Suite will be presented to the public - with videos and photos – at Salone del Mobile 2016 in the Dream & Charme space in Via Montenapoleone 20, from April 12 to 16 (open 10.00 to 19.00). There, a Greenwood platform - of the same kind that’s been installed in Monferrato - will represent the elegance brought by Woodn Industries to the magnificent suite’s outdoor space.

<![CDATA[Woodn Industries in Zurich for Giardina - Live Your Garden]]> p
Greenwood by Woodn Industries will be at the Giardina exhibition in Zurich (March 16-20) with its range of products for decking and wall coatings (specifically: a stand of 21 square meters of Greendeck - Sienna colour, Loft finishing - and two Brise soleil applications of the same color).
Giardina is one of the main European indoor events dedicated to garden design.
Come and visit us in Hall 3, stand B25: Giardina

<![CDATA[Woodn Industries at HOMI MILANO 2015]]> p
Woodn Industries joins the Milano Lifestyle Trade Fair: HOMI 2015 chooses our Greenwood brand. Find out why in our interview with HoMi co-Art Director, Lucy Salamanca.

(click on the picture to see the video)

<![CDATA[From Mexico to China, from Cascina Triulza to the boardwalks, Expo Milano 2015 chooses Woodn]]> p

When it comes to Woodn Industries sweeping the board, Expo 2015 is no exception: the Mexico Pavilion is paved for more than 1,000 square meters with the Greenwood decking. All the boardwalks lining the perimeter canal are also paved with Greenwood; same goes for the terrace restaurant of Cascina Triulza restored by starchitect Antonio Citterio; and on top of the Pavilion of Chinese multinational Vanke - undoubtedly one of the finest of the entire Expo - among bamboo scaffolding and high technology stands out the elevator tower, entirely covered with Woodn Versatilis.

The 1,000 sqm Vanke Pavilion, designed and built by the Architect Ghirardelli for Studio Libeskind-Milan, looks like a red dragon whose sinuous and glistening profile rises from the ground up to the terrace, culminating with a view on the Italian pavilion and a tower covered with white curved slats. The Libeskind design was inspired by a series of evocations ranging from Confucius and Lao Tzu’s philosophy to the Renaissance and contemporary art, meaning to express a sense of continuous flow between the inside and the outside.

The Mexico Pavilion instead, designed by Milanese Architect Marco Padoan, is a “corn cob” of nearly 3,000 sqm, with the leaves made of translucent fabric, in which a network of boardwalks leads to the large terrace and the penthouse restaurant, which expresses the richness of Mexican traditional cuisine, protected by UNESCO as intangible Heritage of Humanity. The Popol Vuh, after all, says that man was generated from corn...
Thanks to the ramps, which are inspired by the ancient agricultural terraces and irrigation system used in Mexico in the XII century, all areas of the pavilion are wheelchair accessible (not every place in Expo is…), and the visitor is bathed in light in the large terrace in front of an Aztec deity, the goddess of the harvest. Everything is paved with Greenwood decking, so similar to wood, fully sustainable and at the same time linked to contemporary design taste, matching perfectly with both the cactus and the ancient stone statue and with the tempered glass of railings.

As for the boardwalks lining the perimeter canal, more than two kilometers of walkways between rows of trees, wooden colored fences and water are paved with Greenwood, drawing a discrete trait-d'union between natural elements and architectural fantasies let loose at full speed.

Check out the photo gallery of Greenwood profiles at the bottom; you can find the pictures from Vanke Pavilion on Woodn's website.

Check out the video interview with Architect Marco Padoan, Project Manager of Mexico Pavilion, at this link.

<![CDATA[Woodn Industries dresses Fuorisalone Milan with Greenwood Decking]]> p
Woodn Industries dresses the Capital of design: during Milan Design Week (14 to 19 April 2015) Greenwood material was used, in partnership with LAB23, to create an application located in the prestigious Brera Design District, in the heart of the Fuorisalone. LAB23, a venetian company specialized in urban design that has been a Greenwood partner for several years, was there to present the "Living Room in the City"event with the premiere of a new collection designed by Fuksas (info). The choice for the realization of the platform fell on Greenwood decking, color Ebony, finishing Solarium.
You can find the pictures at the bottom of this post.
You can also watch our interview with Stefano Vivan, CEO & Founder of LAB23, about the partnership with Woodn Industries and Greenwood: video

<![CDATA[The technical wood that conquers starchitects from nautical to urban design]]> p

"In just eight years Woodn Industries has become a major international player in construction industry, urban, interior and nautical design. Credits go to an innovative product that allows you to leave trees and forests untouched by using, instead, profiles made from an absolutely new composite material".

This is how Repubblica, one of the major Italian newspapers, opens its interview to Roberto Chemello, CEO of the Woodn Industries Group. The interview was published on March 23rd on the Economical Affairs section of the newspaper.

Please find the English translation of the article here (original link here).

Other articles have appeared on various Italian newspapers:

"Woodn profiles sought after worldwide" - Verona Economia, March 17th here [Italian]
"Global expansion for Woodn Industries" - L'Altro Quotidiano, March 6th here [Italian]
"Technical wood: the new frontier" - Corriere dell'Umbria pdf [Italian]
"The magic of Woodn Industries profiles for construction and design" - Arredamento Oggi, March 10th here [Italian]
"Woodn Industries is growing up to a 12 million turnover" - L'Arena, March 15th here [Italian]
"A worldwide growing interest for Woodn Industries profiles" - Mondo Libero, March 29th here [Italian]
"Great success for Woodn Industries profiles" - Buongiorno, March: pdf [Italian]
"Woodn profiles take shape in Verona" - Verona Sette, April 18th: pdf [Italian]
"Environmentalists love Woodn's wood-like products" - Quotidiano del Sud, April 27th: pdf [Italian]

<![CDATA[Woodn Industries at the Giardina Zurich fair]]> p

Woodn Industries keeps going greener, and its products are increasingly in demand among architects and interior designers who want to experiment functions, locations and effects of great elegance and modernity in household environments dedicated to green and relaxing. After BAU Munich, Woodn Industries will be at GIARDINA, the 5-years-old famous gardening and green life fair held in Zurich.

The Greenwood Deck line, which will pave the big VERANDA VIVA stand, expresses its most effectiveness in this kind of environments for three fundamental factors: aesthetics, durability, absolute ecological and environmental compatibility of the material, which is entirely recycled and recyclable. Furthermore, you can add the lack of maintenance needed and the ease of installation.

You can see Woodn Industries products first-hand at the VERANDA VIVA booth, hall 4 stand H15, from March 11 to 15. Address: MCH Messe Schweiz (Zurich) AG, Wallisellenstrasse 49, Zurich (Switzerland).

<![CDATA[Woodn & Greenwood at BAU 2015: a window on the international market]]> p
Once again, a large audience of architecture and interior design professionals – about 300,000 visitors – has gathered around the Bau Munich stands to learn about the new features offered by some 2,000 exhibitors from around the world.
During the six days of the fair, many flocked to the Woodn Industries booth. Woodn Industries is a leading Italian manufacturer of wood composite, bringing together for the first time Woodn and Greenwood, two of the most interesting and innovative brands in the global landscape of manufacturers of decking, sunscreen and interior/exterior coatings.
In the various fair’s booths many European, American and Chinese companies proposed solutions for decking and wood composite coatings, declined in various styles and with many different outcomes, thus proving that synthetic wood is not a passing and artificial trend but a new way of working on a building’s cladding, moving towards ecological and sustainable solutions.
Against this extremely dynamic landscape, Woodn Industries proposals stood for quality and Made in Italyrefinements, supported by the authoritativeness of the collaborations initiated by the company with prestigious architectural firms all over the world.
Even the stand, designed by German architect Stefan Mauritz, stood out - despite its small size - in the context for the boldness of colors, the creativity of the design, the look of the materials presented.
Made with Greenwood’s decking and walls and Woodn Ornans backdrop coatings, the booth welcomed visitors at the long elliptical counter, a good representation of the highly appreciated thermoforming properties of Woodn profiles.

The BAU fair was also an occasion to present the Plug&Play project: a self-heating electrified modular outdoor decking, controlled by thermal sensors that program the supply of heat. Easy assembly, aesthetics, lack of maintenance, very low running costs are its main strengths. It’s ideal for hotels and restaurants terraces, wellness centers, housing and shelters in the mountains - where it can also ensure the automatic de-icing: a solution designed to be talked about in the coming years...
A brilliant idea as it is simple, and the public of the fair flocked around the Plug&Play mock up totem, showing an even higher interest than expected.

Click HERE to see the video or scroll down to see the photogallery:

<![CDATA[Greenwood & Woodn united: BAU Munich 2015 dresses Italian Style]]> p

Following the acquisition of Greenwood assets, Woodn Industries shows up at the first major international event of the year in great shape and with an even richer catalog. It’s an important commitment, given the prestige of the occasion!

Bau 2015, to be held January 19 to 24 at the Munich Trade Fair Center, is the Building Sector’s most important fair in Europe.
Bau brings together manufacturers, designers, contractors, architects and urban planners, investors and international buyers. The fair’s reference point has always been innovation towards sustainability and environmental friendliness.

17 halls, over 2,000 exhibitors from 41 countries and over 230,000 visitors last year: the numbers express well the importance of this appointment, and Woodn Industries couldn’t miss this opportunity.
This is a commitment that the two Italian brands have taken very seriously, managing to introduce the professionals to a variety of proposals such as to dismay even the strongest foreign competitors. In fact, the Woodn Industries group today has no rivals in Italy in the production of wood composite, nor for the quality and variety of products, neither for the revenue.

In the stand, designed by renowned German architect Stefan Mauritz, visitors will find the new decking and wall cladding lines from Greenwood, particularly the heating floor Plug & Play, Greendeck and Wall to Wall, and many proposals from Woodn, with collections of brise soleil and grids, ceilings and ventilated walls, not to mention a glimpse of the beautiful Ornans, an authentic thermoformed dress for exterior, interior and design.

The Greenwood and Woodn materials share two fundamental qualities: attention to the environment and aesthetics.
In fact, the natural wood components come entirely from production scraps: no tree has been cut down to make Woodn Industries products. The material does not emit formaldehyde, it’s not sensitive to extreme climates and is designed to replace natural wood mainly in the Building Sector, further helping to reduce the felling of valuable trees.
Aesthetic result is the other quality that makes designers choose Woodn and Greenwood materials: the paste grains, the compounds, the natural wooden look of the surface finishes, the elegance and variety of colors in the catalog, the results of excellence achieved by the greatest architects in the world, the endless customization possibilities offered by the versatility of materials make Woodn and Greenwood the reference point for designers who work in sustainable building worldwide.

The union of the two brands under one big company adds another element to the business philosophy of Woodn Industries, already engaged in offering the customer a widespread, creative and qualitatively flawless service in every corner of the world, whether we’re talking installation, co-design or customization of supplies.

Come find us in Munich from January 19th to 24th at the city’s Trade Fair Center, Hall A6 Stand 328. We look forward to seeing you there!


Rome, October 16 - (Adnkronos) - Materials for floors and walls of high aesthetic and ecological agricultural products, especially dairy products, high-value environmental and health, a machine to counter the concentration of poor thin air: the green economy "made in Italy" has found its winners. The Sustainable Development Award 2013, instituted for the fifth consecutive year by the Foundation for Sustainable Development and ECOMONDO-Rimini Fair with the participation of the President of the Republic and with the sponsorship, for the first time, of the Ministry of Economic Development, was awarded this year to three companies: Greenwood Salzano (VE), the Co-op Fattoria della Piana di Contrada Sovereto (RC) and Innovation in Sciences & Technologies-Is-Tech of Rome.

Next to the three winning companies, which will receive the medal of the President of the Republic, there are other 27 companies reported, 9 for each sector, which will receive a plaque of recognition. The awards ceremony will take place in Rimini on November 8th within Ecomondo-Key Energy. According to Edo Ronchi, president of the Foundation for Sustainable Development, "in Italy, that continues to go through an unresolved crisis, we need more than ever a new project of sustainable and durable development, a real Green New Deal that capable to bring our country out of the crisis. Companies awarded and reported have taken this message and may have a role to lead the way for future development. "

This year 'prize, which is awarded to companies that have distinguished themselves for activities and projects that produce significant environmental benefits, have an innovative content, economic benefits , employment and a diffusion potential, has been renewed in the identification of three categories: eco-design, eco-agricultural activities and start-ups.

Greenwood Salzano (Venice) was awarded the prize for the 'Eco-design', for the production of profiles in composite material made from recycled wood dust, derived from scrap selected for quality and essence, and polypropylene, for paving and wall cladding for external high aesthetic value and durability, while respecting the environment. "



invito greenwood made IT

<![CDATA[Greenwood @ Cersaie]]> p





We are waiting @ Fuorisalone from 9th to 14th April 2013 in via Adige 11 in Milan.


Greenwood Venice chooses the "Hi Home" project by Andrea Castrignano to attend the Milan Fashion Week dedicated to furnishing and design. During Salone Internazionale del Mobile Week , the famous architect will officially open its new design studio, who will host a "sample house" inspired by the criteria of technological innovation, eco-sustainability, reduction in consumption and home automation.

Auguri Natale 4

<![CDATA[17.10.2012//20.10.2012 -GREENWOOD INVITES YOU @ MADE EXPO-]]> p

INVITO cocktailGBxxx

<![CDATA[25.09.2012//30.09.2012 GREENWOOD @ WOONBEUERS *AMSTERDAM*]]> p

<![CDATA[25.09.2012//29.09.2012 GREENWOOD @ CERSAIE *BOLOGNA*]]> p
greenwood at cersaie

<![CDATA[07.09.2012//11.09.2012 GREENWOOD AT MAISON & OBJECT*PARIS*]]> p

<![CDATA[19.05.2012 // 09.06.2012 GREENWOOD AT CHELSEA FRINGE-LONDON-]]> p

19.05 - 09.06 2012 Every day, 11.00 – 22.00: GREENWOOD @ Garden of Disorientation - mojito bar, talks about gardens, design, food and drink, interactive artworks - all within a mint garden in the disused meat-packing warehouse.

Over the years Smithfield has been renowned for the ghostly late-night movement of animal carcasses and more recently for the early-morning traffic of displaced revellers. To add to the confusion there will soon be a new internal garden space, the Garden of Disorientation.

The garden will be open from 19th May to 9th June. Events will be publicised at the venue and at the Chelsea Fringe web site –‐garden‐of‐disorientation


As part of the Chelsea Fringe, the garden will be installed in a disused meat-packing warehouse on Charterhouse Street. Nestled between the bustling restaurants of Bedouin and Smiths, the space will be filled with towers of mint and a pop-up bar selling... mojitos!

The Chelsea Fringe is a brand new London-wide festival of flowers, gardens and gardening, timed to coincide with the Chelsea Flower Show. Over 80 events are planned for the first Fringe including horticultural happenings, pop-up gardens and installations which will spring up in unlikely parts of the city during May and June - floral boats plying the Thames, lorries loaded with secret gardens which will park up on street corners and then open up to reveal jungles within, and galleries and museums festooned with plant-themed artworks and initiatives.

Designed by NAGAN JOHNSON well-known for the 'forest' installation in Waterloo, the Garden of Disorientation will be host to a series of talks and events during the Fringe and feature as part of the Clerkenwell Design Week. The garden will be a venue for discussion, debate, chatter and events relating to gardens, art & design and food & drink. It will be stopping point on the London-wide garden trail, a place for refreshment and reflection. The talks will bring together practitioners from widely different spheres but whose work, or play, involves their love of gardens.

The walls of the meat-packing warehouse remain as a backdrop to the new mint garden – atmospheric lighting will create twisting shadows as light shines through packing tape and transforms the space. Pallets of mint will be brought to the venue and out it bursts, creeping up the walls of the space as if cleansing it of its murkier past. Towers of pallets will be planted with mint and reach the ceiling of the warehouse and miles and miles of packing tape will bind the towers together.

The garden will be open daily from 11.00 am to 10.00 pm. The shutter to the street will open up to allow visitors to enter the space through a cobbled corridor which will slowly transform during Clerkenwell Design Week by artists Anita Duller and Hannah Stippl. Using rollers and a specially selected palette of 'flower colours', Anita and Hannah will work with participants to create multi-layered painted sheets of card applied to the walls.


<![CDATA[02.04.2012 // 05.04.2012 GREENWOOD AT MOSBUILD **MOSCOW**]]> p
Greenwood in co-operation with Herbovital 2 is exhibiting from 02.04.2012 to 05.04.2012 at Mosbuild in Moscow_Design & Décor week_

Come to Visit Us at HERBOVITAL 2 stand_ HALL 8_PAD 2_STAND U 205_

Where? Expocentre in Moscow

What? MosBuild is the largest building and interiors trade exhibition in Russia and the CIS. The show is divided into 16 individual exhibitions, covering the entire spectrum of products and services within the industry. The co-location of these events means that the show attracts large numbers of specialised visitors, whilst also ensuring that exhibitors receive a targeted audience.

With Whom?

More Info & Tickets?

<![CDATA[20.03.2012 // 22.03.2012 GREENWOOD AT ECOBUILD*LONDON*UK*]]> p
Greenwood exhibits from 20.03.2012 to 22.03.2012 at Ecobuild the world's biggest event for sustainable design, construction and the built environment runned at ExCel fair centre in London. 

Greenwood show off its great decking system at
Use Sustainable Brains Main Attraction Italian Pavillion Stand S460. The stand is realized by the Italian Architect

“Think in a sustainable way”: The main attraction of Ecobuild 2012, 20-22 March, London ExCel. The concept is an area built completely in an eco-compatible way and it will distinguish the Italian pavilion, the most visited national space during the 2011 edition.


London, 13th December 2011 - Ecobuild is the world’s biggest event for sustainable design, construction and the built environment and the UK’s largest construction event of any kind. The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK has coordinated the Italian presence at the event for the last 3 years. During the last edition, associations of enterprises, industrial districts, architects and various Italian regional governments presented their latest innovations and excellences in the research and development of energy solutions and sustainable constructions (from the latest innovations presented by Ceramic Tiles of Italy, to the projects of Casa Clima Agency and Italian certification schemes such as the Lombardy Region’s CESTEC, etc...). The 2012 edition will take place from the 20th to the 22nd of March 2012 at ExCel, London's exhibition centre.

Use Sustainable Brains is the name of the main attraction of Ecobuild 2012. The author is Carlo Beltramelli, a 56 year old designer from Vicenza, Italy, who also created last year’s main attraction “Water's Nest”. This year the subject will be sustainability, viewed as a relation and communication space. This concept inspires the idea to design a meeting area which is reproduced in multiple contexts, from the mountains to the beach, with eco-friendly materials and shaped like a USB key.

In this age of strapping technological connections and social networking, the topic of the environment has  to recall the theme of ‘exchanging relationships’, even more so in the context of the world's leading trade fair of sustainable design and architecture, which is about to land in Mumbai and  Shanghai.

Ecobuild 2012’s main attraction presents a flexible concept which is adaptable both to internal and external environments. It can be positioned in every kind of open air space accessible to everybody. It could be positioned on the sea shore, on a hill, up in the mountains or even in a public park. Use Sustainable Brains is an example of eco-sustainable architecture which embraced the concepts of a “sustainable society” and “social interaction”.  The project presents the “sustainable society” as a transition from the online to the offline world which consists in a pursuit for personal connections, face-to-face communications and in the retrieval of places which have lost their social importance.

“The project recalls the design of an USB stick while adds an additional statement: to reconnect people, to refresh the use of our brains and of reasoning”, says Giuseppe Paoletti, the Deputy Secretary General of The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK and the coordinator of the project. “We believe that this concept, although quite provocative, refers to a lot of people. Moreover, this is an essential part of the idea behind Ecobuild: an opportunity for meetings and

For infos:

Free Tickets:

<![CDATA[23.03.2012 // 24.03.2012 GREENWOOD 2012 TRAINING COURSE]]> p

GREENWOOD 2012 Training Course

“Knowledge and Installation of Greendeck Flooring System & Greenwood Product Lines”

After the success encountered during our previous events,

I have the pleasure to inform you that Greenwood invites You to participate at



Friday 23rd March 2012 – Saturday 24th March 2012



Hotel Residence Villa dei Carpini

Via Comunale di Camino .84-31046 Oderzo (TV) Tel 0422-712099. Fax 0422-712811  -


Greenwood will be from 19.03.2012 to 21.03.2012 at THE BIG SHOW the inetrnational exhibition fair  for building and constructions in Muscat, sultanate of Oman.

The fair is runned in co-operation with our agency for Oman.

For infos please contact:

Material +

Regus Office, 2nd Floor, Tamimah Building
Al Nahda Road, Wattaya, Muscat

Sultanate of Oman

<![CDATA[14.03.2012 // 18.03.2012 GREENWOOD AT GIARDINIA *ZURICH*]]> p
Greenwood in co-operation with INS-ZENARIO AGENTUR will exhibit at international outdoor fair GIARDINIA.

You can find us at 5 STAND D20 (RATTAN CENTRE)

For more infos:

<![CDATA[01.03.2012 // 11.03.2012 GREENWOOD AT BATIBOUW*BRUXELLES*]]> p
Greenwood in co-operation with Rifra exhibits at Batibouw stand 7-415 Bruxelles

for info visit: